Olimpia On The Street

The end of summer means Olimpia Dior hits the bricks to investigate New York’s most stylish creatures and how they close out the season.

Olimpia On The Street

What’s higher than Haute on the street? Taking a Teva sandal or Muji shirt or Nike sneaker and making it work as part of a style concept. How do you pull that off? Through a force of personality that the dermal layer cannot contain.

Of course, a few designer brands can’t hurt either, and we found old school Friends Of Ravelin Mariam Nassir Zadeh out of the street worn at the nexus of elegance and fabulous.

As the days darken the men’s style begins to take on a greaser flavor, but because Olimpia is leading this particular safari, the overriding mood one of joie de vivre.

Check out how Olimpia brings people’s looks to life as only she can.

Ravelin Magazine Ravelin Magazine

BAILEY @babyskinglove

Jumpsuit: Model’s Own

Shoes: Mariam Nassir Zadeh

Ravelin Magazine Ravelin Magazine

VIVA @bodybyviva

Dress: Model’s Own

Shoes:  Charlotte Olympia

Ravelin Magazine Ravelin Magazine

MARQUES  @marcuesge

Pants: Levi’s

Shirt: Muji

Ravelin Magazine Ravelin Magazine

VALERIE @vaalerieee_

Jumpsuit: Forever 21

Shoes: Miu Miu

Ravelin Magazine Ravelin Magazine

SAMANTHA @samantha_sunflower

Dress: Vintage Dress

Shoes: Teva

Ravelin Magazine Ravelin Magazine

ZEV @zev_rector

Pants: Levi’s

Watch: Casio

Shoes: Nike

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